Evening light slowly dims
fading into grey blue hues of dusk,
entering a no man's land,
where shadows loom a little larger,
each uncertain footstep feels a little harder,
a subtle shift until suddenly, you can't see.

As darkness falls, a small flicker of flame
presses on against a looming night.
It's power mighty, despite its meager size,
casting truth over shadows,
making the way known, one step at a time.
It only takes a small flame to defeat the dark.

a challenge to myself

when depth of emotion
overwhelms like crashing waves,
when foreboding storms cloud
over the warmth of joy

when it seems
to good to be true
when grace is extended

will you have the courage
to be vulnerable?
to be caught up in
the experience,
the wonder?

or will you self-protect
under busy,
too independent,
until anxiety wins?

will you pause,
drink in the beauty,
pour out gratitude
and just be still?

dare to be brave,
to sit in the beauty and
to feel the pain.
dare to be, and
to be fully alive

I used to be afraid 

I used to be afraid
of flaws and imperfections.
Each one a point of weakness
or failing.
I used to be afraid
of uniqueness.
Content to hide
in shame-cloaked anonymity.

I used to be afraid
of humility and hunger.
Need, a weapon,
me, my own enemy.
I used to be afraid.
A grasshopper,
cloaked as a giant,
a reality I could not face.

I used to be afraid.
Then darkness descended.
Through each crack,
Light emerged.
Weakness became strength.

I am no longer afraid.
Imperfections now a great gift,
And I,
a grateful recipient of grace.

Creations Art

There’s a wonder in the way
light dances on waves
as they break
The steady roar
as walls of water collide
in an endless race to shore
Only to retreat again

There’s a beauty in the glint
of sunlight and striated sand
trails left by receding water
quickly filled and shaped again

The song of the brown-bird,
trees bowed by the wind,
water carvings of stone
creation is an endless art

May I never lose a sense of wonder
at the beauty of creation
and it’s reflection
of the extravagant Creator

The land called Uncomfortable

“Come, take another step”,
a siren beckons in unfamiliar lands.
Wade deeper into oceans wild,
you might end up in over your head,
where dissonance tosses and turns
between trepidation and delight.

Stimuli will clamour for attention,
flooding the senses with
breathtaking sights and sounds,
a million opportunities to discover
to taste, to see, to hear
a constant evolution of change,
an invitation to truly live.

“Come, take another step”,
the siren calls again.
“Come to the land of Uncomfortable
the place of Surrender”.

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