Contagious laughter, dancing eyes
“Again! Again! Again!”
The amusement never dies

Little feet run wild with glee
“Do you want to play garbage trucks?”
Chocolate saucers plea with me

Endless wonder, questioning eyes
“Why mum, but why?”
Your curiosity never dies

With endless energy and bundles of fun
Rosy red cheeks and chocolate framed smiles
I wonder little man, who you will become?


The train

Swooshing of doors
Babbling brooks of murmuring voices
Steady clomping of feet in and out up and down
A multitude in isolation, each pretending they are alone
Crinkling of newspapers
Steady hum of wheels turning
Neon lights paint everything in cool white
Automated voices list destinations without expression
A world within a world


Beaded dots stare with piercing intensity
Slightest motion is not unnoticed
Every step, every movement of air, people passing
A foghorn demanding attention

Sensors flooded with stimuli overwhelmed
Sights sounds smells touches crashing noise gentle strokes
Every breath, every heartbeat resounds amongst the clamour
Time stands still

Hands on ears attempts to drown endless cacophony
Noises and sensations blur into eery silence
Slow motion
Stopping of time
Worlds spinning faces blurring spun round and round by chaos
Eyes closed to slow the nauseating flash of images
Sudden stop

changing seasons

scraping granite, settling soil
salt laden droplets speak silently,
giving credence to hard labour and toil

creaking hinges, the final kiss
latching of locks a closure on dreams.
the finite succumbed to eternity’s promise

once filled with laughter and elegant stance,
potential awakened vivid imaginations
destinies collided, giving birth to sacred romance

time has woven a lavish story, still unfolds.
connections spark inventive abstraction,
refining fires produce venerated gold

darkness descends with the closing latch.
a new dawn as the decrepit fades,
earth gives way, pleased with its catch

sowing of seeds, a labour in death
mourning’s frozen ache drags on, though finite.
new beginnings are seen in hope’s life-breath

where death abounds, life becomes new.
the process of time trods steadily on
faithfulness proven when seedlings break through.


Knife to the heart, lifeblood drains
air stolen from its chambers
a haze descends
time stands still

the drummer starts his pounding beat
motions robotic, gliding in grooves of routine

A swamp precludes process of thought
firing synapses weigh down each step
basics become an enigma
disaster averted

firing signals slow as the air clears
the drumbeat slowly fades away
calm returns

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