The illusion

A smile, the mask that hides her pain
He laughs, no one knows he is buried under shame
That sparkle in her eye?
The tears she refuses to cry
You look and everything seems okay,
Meanwhile they are hoping to fade away

The clown, so happy, so free
Look in the mirror, it’s not what you see
The illusion we use to keep us safe
Underneath it’s invisible weight, we suffocate
Each day may seem harder than the last
It seems the die of fate has been cast

If freedom is something we ever will see
We must give up our illusion, and just be.


Been thinking lately about how simple it is to really make a difference in someone’s life – this idea of lingering just a little longer and learning to really see… See who they are, how they really are – to learn to look below the masks they wear… And on the flip side, learning to put aside the masks and illusions, and learn to just “be”.


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