Running Shoes

Got my running shoes on, but I known need to stay
Some days I can’t help it, I wake up feeling this way

It’s not really restless, it’s all about escape
What is it that I’m afraid of, why do I carry this weight?

Your word says You are faithful, Your promises are true
The end is the beginning, Your life makes all things new

Every breath a laboured effort, each step a declaration
Of faith in what I cannot see, the hope of my salvation

This desert path is winding and darkness oft surrounds
I press on towards your glory, this journey a sacred ground

The triumph is in the victory, the challenges overcome
At times battle weary, I know the war is already won

This battleground a learning ground, a place of reverent trust
Each day one step closer to the chapters end, when dust again becomes dust

When one day we rise again, your glory fully known
That day we’ll clearly hear You say “my child, welcome home”

“Well done” You say, a smile upon your face
And this future hope sustains me while I stay and run this race

For though the present seems so real, it’s only temporal
These troubles fade a way in your glory, light eternal

So if my feet should falter and I know not what to pray
Please remind me of Your promise and guide me in Your way

(written early 2014)


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