changing seasons

scraping granite, settling soil
salt laden droplets speak silently,
giving credence to hard labour and toil

creaking hinges, the final kiss
latching of locks a closure on dreams.
the finite succumbed to eternity’s promise

once filled with laughter and elegant stance,
potential awakened vivid imaginations
destinies collided, giving birth to sacred romance

time has woven a lavish story, still unfolds.
connections spark inventive abstraction,
refining fires produce venerated gold

darkness descends with the closing latch.
a new dawn as the decrepit fades,
earth gives way, pleased with its catch

sowing of seeds, a labour in death
mourning’s frozen ache drags on, though finite.
new beginnings are seen in hope’s life-breath

where death abounds, life becomes new.
the process of time trods steadily on
faithfulness proven when seedlings break through.


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