On aging

Fissures and fractures youth and vitality spent
Strictures of time unresolved embers of pain
Beauty echoed among resolute imperfection
Tragedy and heartache fortified the same

Innocence unbroken blank canvas of fate
The tarnish and blemish the most esteemed
Tales are told through etches of grief
Frailty and humanity graciously redeemed

True beauty emerges in well weathered storms
Strength refined through pressure and fire
Illusions of perfection leave empty dull ache
While each woven tale weaves hope in the tired

Creased exhaustion and old weathered lines
Give acquiescence to passage of time
Heritage forged through daily routines
Legacies left for those on the climb


Christmas Colds

‘Twas the morning of Christmas
And all through the house
We’re sniffles and splutterings
Coughs all about
In the season of giving
We shared with all who came near
A nice winter cold to wrap up the year

LA – unfinished

The beginnings of something on LA – a bit stuck for now

Hustle and bustle grey concrete jungle
Luxury juxtaposed against shattered dreams and frail attempts at significance
Bright lights, deafening drone, city of endless noise
Warnings, propaganda, advertisements abound
Everyone trying to be seen and heard blending into one obnoxious cacophony
Bands of strangers unite in the effort to succeed
Curtains of sadness a hidden veil on sunlit streets
Endless creativity blends into commonality
That which is truly unique perhaps lost in familiarity

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