To all flat pack makers:
I love your diagrams – really, I do – but a whole bunch of lines and arrows (particularly when not a good representation of reality) do not explain recommended order of assembly, nor do they shed light on how to determine if piece a really is piece a or the one that looks nearly identical as piece b
Secondly whilst I understand instructions should also include required equipment, surely it is not necessary to warn me that an infant is probably not the most ideal construction companion?
Lastly I appreciate the gauntlet you throw down by telling me an ideal assembly time however what are the implications you make should I exceed said time?


2015 – Full of Surprises

Left breathless, speechless in wonder
Gifts of each moment, hardly time to ponder
Doors opening, dreams unfolding
What is this life that I am beholding?

“Too good to be true”, pinch me
it’s all so very dreamy,
I am fully alive

Each moment that passes
anticipation surpasses
joy overwhelming
what is this life I am living?

Heaven’s finest dream

Turning the page

As the glowing orb dips silently below the horizon, signalling but a few hours left in this day, it marks the end of the chapter, the day, the month, the year.
What has been for some a story of great triumph has left others gasping for each breath. A year of dichotomy yet for all it is united in conclusion.
Whether the chapters end has left you hoping for the plot to turn, or whether you are in anticipation of an even greater climax in this unfolding story, the coming of midnight signals a blank page, a new beginning.
2015, what will you bring?

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