Silent assassin,
 disguised in innocence,
 crept in and took its place.
 A friendly acquaintance,
 familiar, yet strange,
 disarmed its welcoming host.
 Seemingly small requests
 broached casually, received,
 but not appeased.
 Demands grow steadily,
 compulsion, like oxygen.
 Initially, a pleasant surprise,
 now, a driving task-master.

Was today good enough?
 It is never enough.
 Each day, a little less,
 less of me, less peace.

Then the tides turn,
 a rallying cry rings out,
 calling for eviction.
 Enough! HE is enough!
 Without a second glance,
 the assassin rushes to flee,
 defeated by the reality
 that Grace is more than enough,
 and Grace dwells in me.

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