Carry On

The shrill buzz of insects fills the air,
busy in their preparations as afternoon light fades away.
Soggy ground squishes under slow heavy steps,
deliberate in their placement
testing their footing
trudging through swampy marsh.
Sweat drips from furrowed brow, eyes squint in fading light.
Pests of the night seek relief, swatted away by steady hands.
Eyes search out a place to set up camp,
relief from the heat.
The rest is not long, a quagmire awaits weary travellers who don’t move on.
With dawn, the journey continues.
The muffled steps drowned out by
birds chattering, singing their morning song.
The traveller carries on.
End not yet in sight, the journey still unfolding, tho weary, carry on.
With each step, discovery,
the bog holds relics of those who’ve gone before,
guideposts towards home.


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