The land called Uncomfortable

“Come, take another step”,
a siren beckons in unfamiliar lands.
Wade deeper into oceans wild,
you might end up in over your head,
where dissonance tosses and turns
between trepidation and delight.

Stimuli will clamour for attention,
flooding the senses with
breathtaking sights and sounds,
a million opportunities to discover
to taste, to see, to hear
a constant evolution of change,
an invitation to truly live.

“Come, take another step”,
the siren calls again.
“Come to the land of Uncomfortable
the place of Surrender”.



Is trust something you choose
like a favourite book
or a new pair of shoes?

Is it something that grows
slowly and gently
blossoming like a rose?

Is it proven then received
or given as deposit,
a token of one’s belief?

When broken
how does it heal?
Through words spoken?
Through time?
Through promises unbroken?
Through choice?

A child’s hands reach out
open hearts full of faith
not a trace of doubt,
ready to be rewarded
their trust may be betrayed,
yet they remain unguarded
reaching out just the same.


Peering over the precipice
the ground
a long way down
Dare to take the leap
or stay on solid ground?

The path so empty
nowhere left to run
the fear is overwhelming
yet a desire overcomes,

To trust in you
Even if it hurts
Even when it’s hard
When all else fails and
I’m broken, alone
Costly trust
Sacred trust
You lead me on.
My comforter.
My strength.
My song.

Confusion longs to reign
thoughts flooding in
attempts to understand
You ask me to take your hand
and leap.
Trusting you are there
to catch me when I fall.


An invitation
beckoning me to
draw closer
into your heart.
Step out of the shadows
let hope
awaken like dawn.
Hand in hand
walking this path
as You lead.
Out of control
into Your love
the safest place of all.


Bit by bit,
layer by layer,
You undo me.

Each level
winding upwards
cascading downwards
to the very core
of me.

a gentle tug,
steady pulling,
peeling back,

I watch this
messy unravelling,
each knot of hesitation
a pause,
the gentle precision
the tangle released.

The undoing,
Each threadbare piece
reveals that which is 
becoming real
that which cannot be

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