Take another step

When sudden darkness floods in,

fear threatening to paralyse:

you are not alone.

When you’ve fallen – again.

When you feel like you’ve reached your end,

you are not alone.

Tho the climb may be steep,

and thick fog distorts your view,

it just takes a single step.

And another.

And another.

All the while, you are not alone.

There is a grace that walks beside,

a voice saying “one more try”.

Courage speaks into the night,

Barely a whisper, but the weight of a roar:

“You will rise”.

Death is not your end, and fear cannot win.

Victory is in your hand,

just take another step.



The alluring promise of safety
a predictability and certainty
guaranteed to protect from harm
(once buried in a grave).

What is it about safety
that says it must be housed
in a specific shape?
Why black and white alone,
when there is a rainbow array of choice?

Since when is captivity better than free?
Or bondage to be prized?
Why disregard truth in favour of empty lies?

Is safe a place?
a person?
a shape or outcome?
Why trade wings for chains
when you were born to fly?
The cage, it will destroy - you die.
In flying - even if you die,
what have you to lose?
And what if you can really live?

But no, child, you must remain here.
Stay on the ground.
It's safe here.
You know the rules,
you can play the game
look! you might even win,
the prize is nearly at hand.
Don't look away my dear,
dreaming is for fools.
Stay here, my dear,
where it is safe.
You don't really need to live.
Stay here, in comfortable existence.
You can't afford to fly, to fall,
my dear, just play it safe,
don't venture from here at all.

Tale of two minds

It’s a matter of life or death,
a detachment from reality,
A cold name
for something so intimate.
Its voice entwined with mine,
as if two have become one
in unholy union,
while life is suffocated,
starved from existence.
In pursuit of good enough,
illusions of control.
Of course, there is no ‘need’
to be free,
but if you must –
Does tomorrow ever come?
For today, let’s one last dance.
Remember how good it feels,
seduced again,
lulled into oblivion.
Aggressive and stern, yet kind
always pushing for more –
greater achievement,
greater diminishment.
Soothed into compliance,
the noise of concerned cries
I dare not divert my eyes
from this dance,
lest my friend become foe
and leave me,


Furious love overpowering anything
that stands in its way
Clutched from the flames,
an invitation –
will you really live?
Chaos swirls around, voices
drifting in, and out, louder
softer, a muffling confusion
a gentle whisper, close,
“just trust”.
Amidst confusion and information
measures and goals,
in the rigid black and white,
a spark of colour.
Captivatingly rich and mysterious,
ever constant, ever changing.
Compelling my attention,
minute by minute
each step closer a single step:
good enough.
Measured against itself,
was it a step of trust?
Not on the length of the journey
nor the size of steps before,
was this step taken in trust?
or not.
or not.
Not looking ahead.
or around to the storm,
keep your gaze fixed solely
on the eyes of Love.


Evening light slowly dims
fading into grey blue hues of dusk,
entering a no man's land,
where shadows loom a little larger,
each uncertain footstep feels a little harder,
a subtle shift until suddenly, you can't see.

As darkness falls, a small flicker of flame
presses on against a looming night.
It's power mighty, despite its meager size,
casting truth over shadows,
making the way known, one step at a time.
It only takes a small flame to defeat the dark.

a challenge to myself

when depth of emotion
overwhelms like crashing waves,
when foreboding storms cloud
over the warmth of joy

when it seems
to good to be true
when grace is extended

will you have the courage
to be vulnerable?
to be caught up in
the experience,
the wonder?

or will you self-protect
under busy,
too independent,
until anxiety wins?

will you pause,
drink in the beauty,
pour out gratitude
and just be still?

dare to be brave,
to sit in the beauty and
to feel the pain.
dare to be, and
to be fully alive

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